Recreational gymnastics classes run 5 days a week.  Initially classes last for one hour and the first trial session is free.  The cost is then £4.20 per session which is paid in advance in 10 week blocks.

4-7 years - girls and boys4-5 pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri2.30-3.30 pm Sat
8-12 years - girls and boys5-6 pm Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri1.30-2.30 pm Sat
13-18 years - girls and boys8-9 pm Tue
Adult - women and men8-9 pm Wed
4-7 years - boys only9-10 am Sat
8-12 years - boys only10-11 am Sat
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Recreational gymnastics is non-competitive and suitable for everyone, regardless of their age, natural talent or commitment. It provides a unique experience which is both fun and rewarding. The skills and strength developed in these classes may lead you on to more gymnastic training and/or help performances in many other sports and dance activities.