Successful day for the dragons at Regional West Wales Prelims!

Well done to all who competed at the Regional West Wales Prelims in Port Talbot. A successful day was had by all!

Round 1:
Floor – Poppy 4th
Team – 6th

Round 2:
Floor – Daisy 1st, Cerys and Mazzy 3rd, Caitlin 6th
Vault – Cerys 4th, Daisy 5th
Overall – Daisy 2nd, Cerys 4th
Team – 1st

Round 3:
Floor – Layla 5th
Vault – Layla 4th
Overall – Layla 3rd
Team – 3rd

Round 4:
Floor – Marcie 1st, Lani 6th
Vault – Lani and Marcie 1st
Overall – Marcie 1st, Lani 3rd, Hannah 6th
Team – 1st

Round 5:
Floor – Ffion 4th, Jasmin 5th
Vault – Ffion 1st, Jasmin 5th
Overall – Ffion 1st

Round 6:
Floor – Mia 3rd, Ylissa 6th
Vault – Polly 3rd, Mia 5th
Overall – Mia 4th, Polly 6th
Team – 2nd

Round 7:
Floor – Rosie R, Sian and Katie 3rd
Vault – Katie 1st, Megan 2nd, Rosie R 3rd, Rosie W and Lucy 4th
Overall – Katie 1st, Megan 2nd, Rosie R 3rd, Sian and Lucy 5th
Team – 1st (Rosie R, Rosie W, Katie and Megan)

Please see the gallery for photos of the day.