Sports Leaders

Maldwyn Dragons Sport Leaders were very busy during the last lockdown, attending lots of online courses and increasing their knowledge and coaching techniques ready for the return to face to face coaching.
Well done to Maisy, Francesca, Ffion, Olivia, Loyce, Poppy and Cole.  

Courses attended by Maisy were:
Into to British Sign language
British gymnastic introduction to judging
Welsh Gymnastics working with participants with disabilities workshop
Maisy also received a certificate for demonstrating a high level of commitment and excellent contribution to WG sports leader sessions

Courses attended by Francesca were:
Developing Handstand Shapes
Developing Flexibility
Engaging young people
Warm up and cool down games
Developing basic shapes
Strength and conditioning
Apparatus workshop
British Gymnastics intro to Judging

Loyce, Cole, Poppy and Olivia attended the following course:
Strength and conditioning 

Ffion attended the following courses:
Strength and conditioning 
Intro to judging