Medals galore for Dragons at Welsh National Prelims

Over the weekend of 18/19th April, a large number of our gymnasts travelled down to Cardiff to compete in the Welsh National Prelims Competition.  We are delighted to report that many of them came home with medals, including Katie Shackleton and Nick Negri who came 1st in their catagory and won overall individual champion awards and Caitlin Price, Shona Jones and Katie who collectively became the under 14’s team champions.  The full results are detailed below and photographs from the day can be seen on or gallery page.  Well done everyone.overall champions

 Under 10’s – Girls Phase 1 (out of 130 girls):

Erin Bowen – 4th in tumble                                                                      
Team came 7th and 12th
Unders 12’s – Girls Phase 2 (out of 67 girls):                   
Eleanor Taylor – 10th in vault – 10th overall                    
Rosie Rees – 13th overall
Team with Carys Breeze came 7th
Under 14’s – Girls Phase 2 (out of 40 girls):                                                       
Rosie Waters – 3rd in vault – 5th Overall
Olivia Hughes – 7th in vault – 9th Overall
Team with Megan Costall came 2nd
Lucy Lee-Jervis – 6th                                                                                  
Team with Nadia Francis-Jones and Bethan Rees came 8th
Under 14’s – Girls Phase 3 (out of 12 girls):                                               
Katie Shackleton – 3rd in tumble, 2nd on vault – 1st Overall          
Shona Jones – 2nd in tumble, 4th in vault – 3rd Overall                
Caitlin Price – 5th in tumble, 4th on vault – 7th Overall            
Team came 1st                                                           
Over 14’s – Girls Phase 3 (out of 6 girls):
Ffion Pugh – 4th in tumble, 3rd in vault – 3rd Overall
Seren Richards – 2nd in tunble, 6th in vault – 6th Overall
Under 10’s – Boys Phase 2 (out of 13 boys):
Louis Miles-Owen – 5th in tumble, 6th on floor – 6th Overall
Under 12’s – Boys Phase 2 (out of 3 boys):
Issac Dingwall – 3rd in tumble, 3rd on vault – 3rd Overall
Under 14’s – Boys Phase 3 (out of 4 boys):      
Nick Negri – 2nd in tumble, 1st on vault – 1st Overall
Joseph Knox – 1st in tumble, 2nd in vault – 2nd Overall
Jude Westermann – 3rd in tumble, 4th on vault – 3rd Overall   
Teegan James-Bentley – 4th in tumble, 3rd in vault – 4th Overall